Our Cookery Classes


Hosting, teaching, eating with recipes I am sure you will repeat in your own kitchen. A gastronomical science and a way of eating is what I would love to bring to you! Organised cooking courses to bespoke and individual cooking courses is what I offer food and the joy of good food is my domain.

Our Cookery Classes



Your whole day starting at 10:30 am will be spent preparing and cooking the most authentic Italian dishes. You start your lesson with an introduction and Italian breakfast then onto making that fresh pasta, fillings and delicious sauces, that everybody loves! We stop and take a homemade Italian Aperitivo…. Now let’s bring together all those delicious dishes we have prepared. Buon Apettito!

This course is dedicated to the Italian Nonnas that have inspired my life!

A simple and honest experience that will leave you with Authentic and Amazing recipes, and the skill of fresh Pasta, right from the heart of Emilia Romagna.

Family Recipes from Nonna Valeria (my mother in law ) She was an amazing cook.

We have so many dishes we create with fresh Pasta and all family favourites.

  • Tortellini Broth (a mixed meat broth) true Italian style
  • Tortelloni in butter and sage
  • Tagliatelle with veal and Italian sausage ragu
  • Ravioli with a seafood sauce

Passion For Things That Begin With P

Your whole day starting at 10:30 am will start with a delicious Italian breakfast and coffee while we plan our day ahead preparing the most inspiring breads and Italian bakes.

Your whole day starting at 10:30 am will start with a delicious Italian breakfast and coffee while we plan our day ahead preparing the most inspiring breads and Italian bakes.

Our time is split into 3 parts – Pasta , Pizza , Pane
Making Fresh Pasta, Bread, Pizza.
All clients will take home some sourdough. Created for those of you that love all those Italian bakes, bread, pizza, tigelle, gnocco fritto.

We Love Italian bakes!

  • Italian bread from Tuscany, Naples
  • Tortelloni in butter and sage
  • Fresh homemade pasta
  • Only pastamadre (mother yeast is used to make this bread and pizza)

This course is fantastic for those of you that love Bread and Pizza, but also love your digestive health.

Passion For Seafood

*This course is dedicated to those of you with a fine palate and that truly love seafood!

Our Seafood cooking course is a true and passionate approach to cooking seafood from the Adriatic coast, Sicily and Naples where I truly had the pleasure of working in some delightful restaurants. All our seafood is fresh and responsibly sourced by our local fishmongers.

For example:

  • Octopus with a ginger sauce (Starter)
  • Fresh Seafood Pasta Ravioli (Starter)
  • The Fine Art of making Seafood Risotto
  • Antique Bake – Seabass or Seabream
  • Finishing with an Italian Dessert

*Seasonal menu may change

A Typical Italian Christmas

Learn how to make your own Typical Italian Christmas! we all know that food and drink is a big part of the Italian way of life and Christmas is that time of year when families are eager to impress and create that magic at the table.

StarterPasta bundles filled with scampi, creamy potatoes & green apple
First CourseTortellini in broth
Second CourseTypical Italian roasts & side dishes
DesertRich Italian walnut cake (over 100 years old) dark chocolate Budino.

Be sure to book limited places only!
10:30am – 4:30pm

Dolce Vita

Italian special lunch included.

Italian cake and pudding course

For example:

  • Rich Bon Bon Chocolate Cake (Your guests will never stop taking a little piece until it has gone)
  • Traditional Tiramisu ( made into a cake, that will tempt the most resolute of you )
  • Italian Cheesecake (You need to taste it to believe it!)
  • On this course you will learn techniques and the science and art of Italian cakes and creams

*Menu changes regularly

Saucy Sauce

Dedicated to those of you that love those special Italian sauces and lead busy lifestyles.
impress your friends, Have your kids love your food, Enjoy a night cooking a romantic dinner for two, and Preserves that deserve good cheese wine and cold meats.

For example:

  • Preserves
  • Salsa Verde Rocket and Almonds
  • Veal and Italian Sausage Ragu (Pancetta can place the Italian sausage)
  • Seafood Sauce, Amatriciana

This course is great for students, busy parents, singles and those who find it hard to have time to make beautiful Italian sauces and delicious food for their family and friends.

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