Culinary CV


I have lived in Italy for the past 27 years, I met my husband Marco there, and my son Oliver was born just outside Modena in a place called Correggio. All of my influential years were spent exploring the tradition, language, culture and food of Italy! I now split my life between the Wirral and my heartland of Emilia Romagna.

Throughout my twenties I wrote and created children’s books in Italian alongside Gerhard Taschner, whose books were then made into kid’s TV series!

Culinary CV

Albergo Ristorante

Wine pairing experience.
Tutored and mentored by Claudio Degli Esposti, Modena on the science of food.
Chef Assistant

Erba del re

 That has a Michelin star in Modena.
Chef Assistant

Modena La Bianca 

Traditional Italian specialising in Zuppa Inglese, Gnocco Fritto
Chef Assistant

Nonna’s of Italy.

The fabulous Nonna’s of Italy. Thank you for sharing your generations of recipes
Non-Professional Experience 
Culinary CV

FOOD was always my biggest passion

And I was already passing a lot of my time away with Italian Nonna’s making Tortellini, Tortelloni, Lasagne and Tagliatelle. The parties I missed to prepare and shape pasta! Needless to say, I loved it!

I am fascinated by the language and becoming as fluent as possible was key to my development both personally and professionally. So much so that I worked for Modena City Council as a second language teacher.


I was lucky enough to be Chefs Help (Sous Chef) at the best traditional restaurant in Modena called La Bianca. Famous for their Zuppa Inglese, Gnocco Fritto, Tortellni, Tortelloni and their delicious meat trolley of boiled meats and sauces – authentic and delicious I promise!

I suppose I should call myself a Chef, with over three decades working in this business and after all my many years of study, I must admit a journey of a chef never ends. It’s truly on going!

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I have done a number of stages and over the years to extend my knowledge on how to dine and now I would love to bring that knowledge to you! It was at this point that we, as a family, wanted to try living back where I am from (Wirral) and so here we are… But Italy… it’s not far away!

We baked and created beautiful sauces dishes, grissini, and so much more

We had a sommelier on hand with his own canteen situated in Dozza so my knowledge on wine became quite vast over the years and wine pairing has become a skill of mine.

Culinary CV

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