Tuna Polpette

Kids Love Tuna Meatballs!

I thought I would write about how sometimes it can be hard trying to get your children to try new things to eat or more specifically good things to eat.


I brought my son up in Italy and once I started weening him on to food I had all sorts of ideas thrown at me needless to say I took the healthy option. I always seemed to have a problem with feeding him fish until my sister in law introduced me to polpette di tuna (tuna meat balls) and Oliver my son really loved them!

I hope you and your family try this simple yet delicious recipe and let me know what you think.

For 4 people
– 400 gr of canned tuna / jarred (once drained 260gr)
– 40 gr parmigiano reggiano
– 40 gr bread crumbs  (preferably stale bread)
– 2 small eggs
– 3 table spoons of olive oil
– Salt  (according to taste)

– Drain the Tuna chunks , grate the Parmigiano Reggiano and put all the above ingredients into a bowl
– Mix all the ingredients well
– Make small balls with the dimension  of your choice and gently fry in a shallow frying pan until the Polpette are golden brown on all sides

Please note: If you haven’t got stale bread to make breadcrumbs you can lightly toast some bread, wait for it to go cold then put it into a bullet.

Ideas for serving
Polpette are usually a second course in Italy as generally Pasta is served first, but if this is your main you can try it with some pure di patate (mashed potatoes).

I will blog the Italian version to you that I picked up at the Bianca restaurant in Modena.

Look out for more ideas on how to cook Italian style and cooking courses that are available.

A presto!